Alisa Nails
Alisa Lord, Nail Technician

Welcome to my world!

I’ve started like any other girl who purchases products and a sanding machine to make her own nails at home. But because of my love and passion for beautiful nails I decided to learn and practice. I’ve always strived to do more and develop myself.

I’ve never dreamt of opening a successful business in Israel and abroad. I only wanted to improve my skills. When I started doing a good job and creating beautiful works, people told me that I can do amazing things and even make a living from it.

I had no direction, no experience, and no instruction. I didn’t know where to go, who to talk to, how to proceed, and if I can really make money out of it.

I didn’t believe that I can also do it. I took another class, another course, learned something new, and learned from my mistakes. It was a long way… I had to take courses abroad to acquire enough knowledge for work.

Today I can tell you that there’s no need to spend thousands of shekels and take dozens of courses. I’ve created courses with the most important, accurate, and up-to-date information from the nail industry. There’s no more need to fly abroad, purchase different courses, and devote so much time and money. All the information you need is here!!!

I’ve gathered all the important information and current techniques that will help you reach the best possible results. Within only 3 days, you’ll be able to acquire an international profession at an international level – in Israel!

Even if you don’t have experience in the field and have never dreamt about it, you can acquire a modern profession and make a living from it!

Already from the third lesson in the beginners’ course, you’ll be making perfect manicure, anatomic structures, and polish spreads. There’s HUGE satisfaction and I can guarantee you that it’s very beneficial in terms of money.

My course is the only thing you’ll need to open a successful business. You can do anything and you deserve it!

There’s no need to spend 3 years on a useless degree, no need to pass exhausting job interviews or compromise on a low salary and wasting your precious time!!! Stop trying to please the boss and become your own boss! With your own schedule and life quality! I believe in the individual method and personal attention for each student.

You don’t have anything to worry about. I invite you to enter my world and my home, and you’ll leave only when you’ll be ready and confident that you can conquer the world! You’ll finally be independent and will earn what you deserve!

Of course, if you would like to stay in a warm and loving home and work with me – you’ll receive a warm, loving, and rewarding workplace in my business!

Does it sound good?

If you won’t try you won’t know… so… shall we start?

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